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QR code is a square im­age with some in­for­ma­tion en­cod­ed in it. It can be reg­u­lar text, a URL, a phone num­ber, co­or­di­nates of a cer­tain lo­ca­tion or an en­tire busi­ness card. The shape and struc­ture of QR codes makes it pos­si­ble to scan them us­ing cam­era-en­abled mo­bile phones. All you need to ac­cess the con­tent of a QR code is to point the cam­era at it. (more...)

The gen­er­a­tion of QR codes and the cre­ation of PNG files on the site is done right in your brows­er. The in­for­ma­tion you en­ter does not leave your com­put­er and your da­ta is kept con­fi­den­tial.

If you want to make ad­di­tion­al changes to the de­sign in­to your QR code or you need a QR code that is very big, then save the cre­at­ed pic­ture in EPS vec­tor for­mat.

Cre­ate T-shirts, stick­ers, badges and oth­er ob­jects with your own QR codes. The print is done by a print shop at re­quests via Zazzle. You can or­der an ob­ject with your own unique QR code right now and it will be de­liv­ered straight to your home. Make your­self hap­py and give gifts to your friends.

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