Generate QR Code What is a QR code?

What is a QR code?

QR code is a square im­age with some in­for­ma­tion en­cod­ed in it. It can be reg­u­lar text, a URL, a phone num­ber, co­or­di­nates of a cer­tain lo­ca­tion or an en­tire busi­ness card. The shape and struc­ture of QR codes makes it pos­si­ble to scan them us­ing cam­era-en­abled mo­bile phones. All you need to ac­cess the con­tent of a QR code is to point the cam­era at it.

QR codes (from Quick Re­sponse) were in­vent­ed in 1994 by a Japanese com­pa­ny called Den­so-Wave. In Japan, QR codes be­came com­mon­place in ear­ly 2000’s: they were used in ads, prod­uct pack­ag­ing, book­lets, games, yel­low pages and in mil­lions of oth­er ways. And when pow­er­ful smart­phones fea­tur­ing built-in cam­eras be­came wide­ly avail­able, QR codes al­so start­ed to con­quer the world.

To­day, you can see a lot of QR codes in ads: for in­stance, they con­tain the con­tact de­tails of ad­ver­tis­ers that can be im­me­di­ate­ly saved to your de­vice or links to prod­uct de­tails on the of­fi­cial site. QR codes can al­so be placed on clothes (e.g. a link to your site, your so­cial net­work pro­file, phone, blog URL or your en­tire busi­ness card).

To read QR codes, you will first need to down­load QR scan­ning soft­ware to your mo­bile phone. You can find links to some pro­grams of this type on the right-hand side of this page.

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